What Feature Do You Wish More Cars Had?

Please, automakers: my butt needs a cool breeze, too.

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Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

As I drove across the United States behind the wheel of my lovely 1996 Chevrolet Suburban, I had to admit something to myself. It’s just about perfect. As much as I enjoy reviewing a good luxury car, I have to say that there are few things more enjoyable than the absolute basics of driving. There’s just one thing missing: ventilated seats.


Ventilated seats are, arguably, the only luxury amenity I want from my cars (aside from a decent sound system). Heated seats are nice in the winter, but I live in Texas, so the time of year I use a heated seat is small. They’re nice when I visit my husband in Canada, but I run hot, so I inevitably get too warm, have to turn it off, and everything is miserable because my butt is sweaty.

A ventilated seat, though, is perfect. There is no luxury more wonderful than climbing out of a vehicle with a black leather seat in these infernal Texas summers and not leaving a little sweat puddle behind. There is nothing more wonderful than my thighs not chafing the exact moment I get out of the car; at least give me some time to re-sweat myself, a brief moment of respite where the heat feels like a nice, warm blanket and not an overwhelming oven.

It got me thinking about the features that other people really love and consider integral to their car owning experience. My husband needs adjustable lumbar support, especially if we’re going to be driving long distances. My stepdad needs a hatchback or SUV because the entire concept of a sedan annoys him; he likes to be able to access trunk space easily and fold down seats in case he’s moving something larger. My mom won’t drive anything without SiriusXM connectivity because she loves her Hair Nation.

What’s your must-have feature? Are you more about practicality, or do you prefer luxury? 



A feature most people would call frivolous, the heated steering wheel. I’ve had problems with my hands since I was in my 20's and they get worse when it gets cold. A heated steering wheel can make all the difference sometimes. Unfortunately, in my V60, I would have had to get the option package that includes all of the driver aids to get a heated steering wheel and not wanting those outweighed that option.