What Else Needs To Be Motorized?

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Someone looked at a push-style grass clipper and said "To hell with this, I'm going to put a big motor on it." It was a great day. Followed later by this motorized La-Z-Boy. So what else needs to be motorized?

We say picnic tables. We love a great picnic; sitting out with old cars and swapping stories and swapping parts. The biggest problem is having to move the picnic when it starts to rain, or the shade shifts, or a kid discovers a fire ant hill next to the table. It's a hassle. So why not motorize the picnic table itself so you can move the picnic with you? It's so genius, it turns out the Canadians have attempted this technology, but we think it's going to be the power of American engineering, combined with the flexible labor laws of the Philippines, that'll bring this idea to the market.


What about you? What do you think needs to be motorized?

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For the sake of stupidity -it's friday-, here's a slightly under-powered motorized wheelchair: #qotd