Last year's Detroit Auto Show? A misery fest of Carpocalyptic proportions. The 2010 Detroit Auto Show should get more reveals when it starts on Monday, but what do you wish was being unveiled at Detroit?

We're being promised a new generation of RWD, lightweight, affordable sports car powered by potent fourbangers. They'll come eventually, but we want them now, dammit. We want the FT-86. We want the Subie version of the FT-86. We want the Nissan one. We want the EcoBoost four-powered Mustang SVO. How is it possible that out of all the automakers coming to Detroit only Hyundai is going to have something fitting the bill in their stand that we can buy?

Seriously, we're done waiting. How many luxury hybrid SUVs do we have to endure before we get more of those. World, make it happen!

Play product manager and give us a reason to hop on a plane and fly to Detroit, terror target of the world, in the middle of freaking winter.


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