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I'm B-lining it to Moab in this 2014 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X and living in it all weekend, what do you want to know about one of the last true smallish, 4WD, manual pickups?

If you're into the Frontier at all, you probably think you know everything about it already because it's been around for approximately a decade. It's true, the platform is ancient but I've gotta believe there's good value to be had in this vehicle, as long as you can talk the dealer down from the $35,000 MSRP (ouch).


I'll also be evaluating some accessories; most importantly the $260 optional "tent" which is adorable and hopefully easy to set up.

Commence with the questioning, and I'll try and answer everything here and in-depth in the review!

Image: Andrew P. Collins

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