What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 Honda Fit?

(Image Credit: Andrew Collins)
(Image Credit: Andrew Collins)
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I remember actually being excited when the Honda Fit came out. A friend of mine bought an early one and cracked themselves up explaining: “It fits everywhere, and everything fits in it!” I’m here all week, folks... with a 2018 Honda Fit. So let me know what you want to see as I shake it down.

A base model Fit LX starts at just about $16,000 while the fanciest EX-L model gets you heated leather and other goodies for about $20,500. My EX-L tester rings up at around $21,500 with a continously variable transmission, navigation and the HondaSense suite of safety stuff like lane keeping, crash-mitigating automatic braking and adaptive cruise control.

The EPA highway economy estimate is 36 mpg, but on a long and gentle haul from the mountains of New Hampshire to the flatlands of coastal Massachusetts I got the car’s trip computer to report an average better than 40.


You can find the rest of the specs on Honda’s website, but for anything else you want to know, ask away!

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Tom McParland

When is there going to be a Fit Si? Because there totally should be a Fit Si...detuned 1.6 T with like 180 hp. Make it happen, Honda. Now that the FiST is dead in America, this would be an excellent replacement.