What Do You Want To Know About The 2017 Cadillac XT5?

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Cadillac’s future is riding on the success of the XT5, and we’ll be driving it over the next two days to tell you whether or not that’s a good thing. Get your questions in now so we can poke, prod and ask while we’re in the car!


The 2017 XT5 will replace the SRX in the slot of “Cadillac SUV that’s not an Escalade.” That’s why we’re assigning so much importance to this crossover; the SRX sells more than Escalade. And the ATS and CTS sedans. And some months, more than all those other models combined.

We love crossovers here in America because we love trucks and SUVs but sometimes feel this pull of practicality toward things that are easy to drive and get fuel economy you can measure in double digits.


To push the XT5's significance even further; it’s supposedly the first of four new XT-badged luxury crossovers Cadillac will release in the near future.

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So far, I can only say that I like the look. It’s an extremely convincing “truckish SUV” disguise on a station wagon, and that retro-futuristic steering wheel is one of the coolest I’ve seen in awhile.

Post your questions here in the comments or tweet at me while I’m on the road!


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This is significantly lighter than a Merc GLE (roughly same size, definitely a competitor). The CT6 is lighter than E class (and BMW 5), which are its direct competitors. How’s the chassis feeling? Does it have that solid chunk/tomb feel of its Teutonic competitors? If so, are we all buying GM stock now? Because, let’s be honest, that would be a great indicator for what’s about to happen throughout GM. If they can build at high quality, light, and strong - and they already have pretty decent drive trains, and their hybrid and electric stuff is coming along (Volt/Bolt will tell the tale), then they’d finally be building vehicles that are truly competitive with the best out there (sure, they’d be watered down a bit for the other brands, but damn GM, that would be a pretty nice comeback from close to death).

My Tacoma is in the shop (fender bender). So while I’m waiting for the body shop to go through all those sequential steps, I’m in a rental. Had a Fusion at first, got Enterprise to swap that for a truck. So I’m driving a brand new Silverado right now. And damn, that’s a good bit smoother and nicer than the Silverado I test drove in 2012 (when I bought the Taco). And seems to get pretty decent mileage, despite not even having the 8sp. First GM rental I’ve driven where I thought I might like owning that.