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What Do You Want To Know About The 2015 Lincoln MKC?

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I'm among the first group of journalists to drive the 2015 Lincoln MKC— a little SUV FoMoCo hopes will propel their brand into a new era of coolness. I'm going to give it as much hell as the handlers let me... but what should I be looking out for in particular?


I'll be reading your comments on my phone as the day goes on, and hopefully I'll be able to come back with some articulate responses over the next couple days.

Image: Lincoln

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Tom McParland

Here is what everyone that is shopping in this segment wants to know, how does it stack up against X1, X3, Q5, RDX? I realize it will be cheaper than the Germans, but will it still suffer the same fate as the in the Ford product is so good it is hard to justify the Lincoln premium.