What Do You Want To Know About F1's Most Exclusive After Party?

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Formula One isn't just about fast cars, intense competition, and weirdo politics: it's also about partying. Specifically, partying hard, and with a very high-end crowd of people. At the top of the F1 party scene is the Amber Lounge, and Jalopnik (i.e. me) is going this year.

The Amber Lounge is a "lifestyle event" that's held at F1 race locations around the country, and from what I hear it's always off the chain. Staples include famous DJs and other music acts, bottle service, celebrity guests including Jennifer Lawrence, Bono and noted car customizer Will.I.Am., and of course, a bunch of current and former F1 drivers. They also raise money for charity, which is awesome.

I've never been to Amber Lounge, but it looks like I'm on the media guest list for tonight in exchange for this post that lets you know it's happening. (They have $5 Lone Stars, right? If not I probably won't be drinking much.) And you can too!


This year it's at 612 West 4th Street in Austin. It starts at 10:30 p.m. and goes late. Book your tickets here. Individual passes start at $380, tables are $5,575, and VIP tables start at around $10,000. I'm waiting to hear back from Matt if I can expense one of those.

Ask me what it's like in the comments, and I'll try to answer them once the festivities are over. And if you've ever done an Amber Lounge party — I'm sure some of you readers have — let me know what I'm in for.

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Is the music louder than the current F1 engine?