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What Do You Do When Your Car Picks Up A Phone Number?

Illustration for article titled What Do You Do When Your Car Picks Up A Phone Number?

It was out of the garage for 5, maybe 10 minutes. I haven’t washed it in a while, there’s a thin layer of dust on the windshield. I come back from getting my phone and house keys and there’s a note under my windshield wiper. Seriously?


I’m sure those of you with shiny old Alfas or rare Sunbeam Tigers or stuff like that get notes like this all the time, but I was flattered and a little confused when I found this guy Don’s phone number on a piece of paper on my car. Who the hell is this guy? And what would he want with my car and its tarnished green paint?

To be fair, I’ve come across cars that have just begged me to inquire within. Hasn’t the odd Renault GTA in good condition crossed your mind as a car that’s needed saving and one you could maybe provide a good home for? Wouldn’t you want its owner you could provide for it and that there’s a willing buyer to take it rather than the charity of his or her choice?


That might be the case with this guy Don, trying to save a car he’s a fan of. Or maybe he’s looking for crap cars cowering in driveways that could be used for demolition races or those “Every 15 Minutes” staged car wrecks they keep having at high schools. I don’t want my car to be part of an apathetic school assembly with someone in fake blood laying across the broken windshield. I’d rather lick the oil stain off my driveway than see that happen.

So, no, I haven’t called Don and asked what he’d give me for my old car. Should I? It’s a hoax, right? I’m still flattered, because hey, my car got a number. Which is almost like me getting a number. Anyone, is your car your wingman? This is so much to process.

Has someone ever left a number on your car asking to buy it? Have you bought a car this way? Is your name Don by any chance?

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Reborn Pyrrhic

What car is it? Would you be able to part with it and get another one like it or is it something more unique? If it's more replaceable and Don is willing to pay an inflated price I'd sell it, then buy another. If it's more unique, or has sentimental value then ignore him and keep the car.