What Do World Leaders Drive, er, Ride?

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In what could be the ultimate PR moment for an automaker, when President Bush rides down Pennsylvania Avenue on the day of his most recent inauguration, it'll be in a limousine based on Cadillac's 2006 DTS — a model not available to the general public yet. Cadillac has held the exclusive honor of presidential limousine marquesmanship since at least a decade, when the Secret Service retired its last Lincoln. What kinds of rides do other heads of state roll down the boulevards of global domination in? Click on.

· Tony Blair (UK) — Jaguar
· Paul Martin (Canada) — Chevy Impala
· Jacques Chirac (France) — Peugeot and Renault
· Horst Koehler (Germany) — BMW and Mercedes
· Vladimir Putin (Russia) — Mercedes, Chevrolet, Zil
· Emperor Akihito (Japan) — Nissan Prince Royal, developing new Toyota
· Vicente Fox (Mexico) — Cadillac and Lincoln
· Luis Inacio Lula de Silva (Brazil) — Rolls-Royce

[Thanks to Rick for the tipoff.]

Source: BNC Research, Automobile magazine

Photo Gallery: Cadillac Unveils the 2006 Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine for George Bush's Inauguration [Automobile]


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