What Car Should You BuyThe experts at Jalopnik answer your car-buying questions.  

We uploaded the first three new episodes of our first season of our new video endeavor this week. There was Neat Stuff In Cool Cars, Truck Yeah!, and What Car Should You Buy? We made a few mistakes and learned a lot. What do you think?

Neat Stuff In Cool Cars — Ballaban’s First Track Day

We took our financial/feature reporter Michael Ballaban out for his first track day. He survived!

What Car Should You Buy? — What’s The Best Sub-$30k Performance Car?

The never-ending debate.

Truck Yeah! — The Insane Baja Race You’ve Never Heard Of

The Mexican 1000 was the original Baja race and now it’s going back to its roots.


Next Week!

We’ll have Ryan Eversley and his crazy Acura TLX, Doug and Andrew in the Hummer H1, and myself and Abby Bassett talking about how to buy a midsize sedan without hating yourself.


What do you think?

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