What Company Are You Trying To Quit?

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I deleted Uber at the same time everybody else did. If I remember correctly, I deleted Lyft, too. I’ll admit I eventually reinstalled Lyft and have used it grudgingly and occasionally while traveling for work, especially in towns where taxis aren’t everywhere all the time. Sure, the company’s bad, the business model is bad, it’s contributing to the destruction of my rights as a worker and the degradation of the environment. But on the other hand, it is convenient.


In my head, there’s a list of apps and services I’m trying to quit. (Yes, this is the kind of thing I’m allowing to occupy brain space.) I nixed Facebook years ago and have been very close to dumping Instagram a few times this year. I was close on Amazon before the pandemic, but they reeled me back in, at least until I can get to a hardware store more easily. I’m back to refusing to pay for cable, even though I pay the same cable monopoly for internet because I don’t really have a choice.

But I’m going to quit. I’m going to quit all of it and extricate myself from the system that’s eating itself and all of us alive. And even though it’ll still eat itself, at least I won’t be helping it along. Just kidding, that’s more or less impossible. Just one more way to make you feel bad and guilty about things that aren’t really yours to control.

But anyway, what about you? What company do you want to walk away from, even if you can’t quite bring yourself to do it? Does that Harbor Freight flier suck you in every time? Do you leer at the Mazda dealership every two years before going back to lease your 14th and this time final Camry? Are you still using the rideshare apps? You know you should quit!

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I really would like to stop using Amazon, but there’s no way around the fact that I can’t afford to stop using Amazon. I’m not going to Kohl’s to pay a markup on Dockers khakis, I can’t afford that. I’m not going to Autozone to pay a markup on car care products. I’m not going to Macy’s to buy the Eagle brand shirts I like...for a markup. I’m not going to the local bookstore to buy books...for a markup.

I’ll buy things somewhere else if the price is better. But I’m sorry: I don’t get paid enough to not care about what things cost.