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What City Has The Worst Drivers?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's Crash Week and, while we're taking a global view of bad driving, we thought we'd resurrect one of the most controversial driving questions ever: what city has the worst drivers?

After long deliberation, we have to go with Chicago drivers. This is totally subjective, of course, but while driving in New York is hellish, it's predictably hellish, and you know you're in for rudeness and sleep-deprived taxi drivers before you set out. The same goes for Los Angeles, where there's nothing really shocking about the constant low-level terror on the 405. But Chicago drivers seem to have a talent for throwing us a curve every time we drive through, displaying the sort of unpredictability usually associated with the Third World. Their casual disregard for lane discipline, traffic signals, and human life in general is a sight to behold, and Illinois plates are justifiably feared in all neighboring states. We'd never experienced multiple drivers backing up the shoulder of a crowded highway in the wrong direction until we lived Chicago. The next time you need to drive through Chicago, don't.


What about you? Who are the worst drivers, by municipality, in the world?

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