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Today we learned that there are still some dreamers in the world. Some people who see something that is wrong, and they fix it. Some people who hear the pleas of the bothered, and become their savior. For only $14, it's now possible to have some semblance of peace on a plane, in Asia.


To be honest I'm kind of surprised not only that it took this long for an airline to at least offer the illusion of a quiet ride, but that it took so long. A number of commenters have brought up the fact that you're probably going to hear the kid anyways if you're stuck in one of the boundary rows of the quiet zone, but hey, for less than a Jackson I'd be willing to pay for at least the hope that maybe I can catch some sleep undisturbed.


That being said, this looks like a win-win for the airline as well, as they can make a bit of extra money on top of seats they already sell. Airlines are all about the fees these days, charging you for whatever they feel like, and still the price of a ticket is going up.

So what are some cheap and simple ways we can improve air travel? I'll start. One of the most annoying things for me is having to wait for my bag once I land. If at all possible, I always try to just shove everything in a carryon, just to make sure I don't have to wait because I am impatient like that. And it seems like every time I do have to stow a bag in the cargo hold, mine is the last to be unceremoniously dumped on the carousel. I would gladly pay five bucks to guarantee my bag be one of the first ones out.

Now it's your turn. Suggest cheap and simple ways to improve air travel in the comments below!

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