You ever notice when someone tries to disguise their unattractiveness in their online profile pictures by utilizing certain angles or extreme closeups? It's called The Angles, and it's not just for people. What car's got a case of The Angles?

I'm never sure what to think of the Mazdaspeed3, let alone the new one. On one hand it's wonderfully well-appointed, ergonomic, and fast. It's the kind of hatchback we always complain about Europe getting instead of America. On the other hand, it's still FWD and pushes the limit for how much power you're going to want going through the front tires without something like a RevoKnuckle setup. If there's a dealbreaker, though, it's the face. A car that looks stunningly detailed and organic from profile or rear 3/4 is suddenly rendered goofy because of the giant snout. I don't hate it. It's not offensive. And I give credit to Mazda for trying to make something exciting. But if you own one you probably park it nose first.

What other car has a case of The Angles? Photo evidence appreciated.

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