Earlier this week Jason Torchinsky wrote about his experiences in the Fiat 500e. He's a big fan of that entire range, but you'll notice the electric version he drove didn't score too highly in the "audio" or "transmission" categories.

That's because it doesn't have an engine to make any sound or a true gearbox to play with. Get used to living without both of those things.

As hybrids and electrics become more and more common, we could see a day when our kids or grandkids will rarely — if ever — drive a car that makes noise or has a transmission requiring actual skill to operate. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I feel like some of these things should be on an endangered species list.

This brings us to our question for the weekend: what car would you pass on to your children if you could?


It makes me sad to think that my children (and God help the human race if I ever have any) will drive around in silent, over-computerized blandmobiles. So if I could pick one car from the modern era, I'd go with the Toyobaru. Not a very original answer, but hear me out: It's got rear-wheel-drive, a proper manual gearbox, it's happy to get sideways, and it has a nice growly Subaru boxer engine.

Will my kids know what any of those things even are? I could tell them, but I'd rather show them. The Toyobaru is old-school in a nice modern package. I'd keep it forever and then punt it to my kids one day if I could.

Your turn. What car should your kids get a chance to drive?

Photo credit GXGN