What Car Would You Overpay For?

Some cars defy rationality with their market prices, yet we consistently seem amazed there are people willing to pony up for them. Perhaps you can’t put a price on dreams. Is there a dream car out there that would make you pay more than you should?

Recently, I was working with a gentleman who absolutely had to have a brand new, factory ordered Porsche 911 GT3. Naturally, the demand for and supply of these vehicles do not favor the buyer and just finding a dealer with an allocation for an order is a major challenge.


Despite my best efforts I could not convince him to get a pre-owned model for a reasonable price or something currently in stock for MSRP. He wants what he wants—and good for him, why not!—and if that means paying a bit more to get it, then fine.

Knowing that I have a slight obsession with fast wagons, a reader sent me a listing to a BMW dealer who is a bit notorious for what some would consider bonkers pricing on collectible BMWs. This particular car was a 1995 M5 wagon in a lovely shade of blue with an asking price of almost $120,000.

What shocked me more than the price was the little label that read “sale pending.” But then I thought about it, and if I had a ton of money to blow, I might actually drop that kind of coin on an ultra-rare E34 M5 Touring. I get the appeal. We all know that nostalgia is a helluva drug, and our favorite European and Japanese cars from the ’90s are beginning to go for some insane prices.


However, “overpaying” for a car doesn’t have to mean getting some rare collectible—there are apparently a number of buyers willing to pay for markups on new Dodge Demons and Honda Civic Type Rs.

So let’s be honest with each other: is there a car that you irrationally love so much that any notion of a “good deal” would be put aside for the opportunity to have it in your garage?

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