2010 — an exciting new year for the car industry to potentially continue its carpocalyptic slide. Luckily, there's still a lot of crap out there. What car would you kill this year?

Despite the Carpocalypse, GM has done an about-face over the past few years, with products like the awesome CTS Sportwagon and good-for-Mom Equinox changing perceptions of their (remaining) brands. You know what vehicle doesn't change perceptions? The freaking Escalade Hybrid. There's nothing wrong with a big V8-powered body-on-frame SUV. Some people need them, they do offer great utility in certain situations, and giant trucks are just fun to drive. Luxury SUVs, however, take a bit of the fun of big SUV ownership, add little more and typically end up in the hands of rich soccer moms. But a hybrid full-size luxury SUV?

It's like the worst of all worlds. As a hybrid it weighs nearly three tons and gets approximately 20 MPG. As a truck it's only available in 2WD and is covered with so much chrome you wouldn't dare take it anywhere but the softest roads. And the cost? In "Platinum" trim, it's like $85K.

It screams "Old GM" and we want it dead.

Take our your biggest torches, your jug of petrol and your angriest dogs. Today we fight! Pick a car and let's kill it with fire.


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