What car would you give a body part to own?

Every car lover has his body-part price: the car they'd trade for an (assumedly lesser-needed) body part. Imagine you were called, by a rich lunatic, to make that fateful decision. What car would you give a body part to own?

Maybe it's an age thing, but to me the answer is as obvious as the color it's painted — Papaya orange, in honor of Bruce McLaren's race color: The McLaren F1 LM. Back in 1995, McLaren built five versions of its F1 supercar to honor the five McLaren F1 GTR racecars that completed the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, including the one that actually won the thing. For an F1 LM — considered to be the fastest version of the McLaren F1 roadcars and best in overall track performance — I'd even do the honors myself.


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