What Car Would You Be Embarrassed To Be Seen Driving?

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Seeing as we're both shameless and autopluralistic, we're happy piloting cars most people wouldn't sit in. But there are limits to what even we'd drive. What car would you be embarrassed to be seen driving?


Hands down, there's no way we'd be able to explain why we were behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry Solara Convertible. First, there's the Toyota Camry part, which is already an almost immediate disqualification unless it's an old mid-90s wagon. Second, whereas the regular Camry is merely beige, the Solara is actually styled, but it's the worst styling in the Toyota lineup. Third, it's a two-door Camry, thus negating any kind of ergonomic advantages offered by the regular version. Fourth, it's a convertible so people might actually see us and think we purchased this car new. Fifth, did we mention it's a Camry? Unless you're a 50-year-old Real Estate agent in Ft. Lauderdale named Barbara but goes by Babs we don't think you can pull this off.

Share your shame, what car would yo be embarassed to be seen driving?

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Patrick George

I recently had a Chevy HHR as a rental car when my 'Rex was in the shop. Bright effing red. I parked it far, far away from the front of my office so no one saw me in it.

I've decided that the HHR is the automotive equivalent of wearing a motorized bow tie that spins around. It is the pinnacle of bad taste.