We've all seen the commercials where some unknowing, joyless yuppie walks outside to find a giant red bow-adorned Lexus. What car in the driveway would make this a "December to Remember" for you?

The easy answer is always a McLaren F1 or a Chevy El Camino 454 SS, two cars often mentioned in the same long breath. What we'd really like this Christmas from Santa (or if we're in the Lexus commercial from the upper-middle-class uncreative spouse in a sweater) are the cars we're afraid won't make it through the Carpocalypse. These include the Pontiac G8 ST, Chevy Cruze, CTS Sport Wagon and the new Acura NSX.

Sadly, these are only the easiest ones to think of. There are likely programs we haven't heard of on their way to the chopping block. So Santa, or fictional commercial WASP, please wrap up the Carpocalypse quickly enough to spare us a new year without all the exciting new product we've been promised.


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