What Car Will Never Be A Classic?

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Whether in people or vehicles, scarcity can trigger fondness. Many vehicles now considered classics spent years unloved and overlooked, until their true value emerged. But what vehicles will never be classics?


In the early 1980s, millions of Americans drove home from the Chevy dealership feeling like a Celebrity. Powered by the Iron Duke of GM four-cylinders or a pushrod 2.8-liter V6, those front wheels racked up millions of miles for owners comfortably ensconced in the finest velour GM could procure. Every car has its fans, and there are those still tricking out their Eurosport versions. For the rest of America, demand was sated through ubiquity; the most expensive used Celebrity for sale we could find would be yours for $1,300.

Which vehicle do you think future generations will shun?

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Any car with the GM 3800 v6 im thinking.