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I like the original Infiniti G35. With 280 horsepower, it was the first semi-quick car I ever drove, when a friend of mine, perhaps mistakenly, let me drive the one belonging to their parents when I was 17. But most people who seem to have bought one weren’t old suburban parents at all.

In fact, every Infiniti G35 I see nowadays seems to have been ruined in some way by an ill-meaning teenager (not me though, I was always well-meaning, ALWAYS AND FOREVER). They’ve all been lowered by a terrible backyard mechanic, or have stupid wheels on them, or they all seem to be covered in a mysterious grime with the rear bumper hanging off at a precipitous angle and the exhaust seemingly missing.


As good as the original G35 might have been, I’d never want to own one, purely out of fear of the people I might be associated with.

And that sadly happens to a lot of good cars, cars that everyone should want to own. What cars do you think were ruined by their owners?

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