Scott Burgess, in The Detroit News, claims the V8 is dead (for passenger cars) and vehicles like the Regal GS show the V6 isn't far behind. We hope he's wrong. What car should never have a four-banger?

Even if we're okay with the concept of a reborn Mustang SVO using a potent EcoBoost I4 in the light-for-a-muscle-car Mustang, we doubt we'll ever accept a Camaro chugging along on less that six cylinders. In fact, we're not even pleased with the V6 version. If you're buying a Camaro get the V8 SS. It's the engine the car was made for. Whatever your opinion of the vehicle itself, with V8 power it's still loud and fast and truly a muscle car. With the V6 it's reasonably quick even if it's relatively underwhelming. With a four-banger you're just driving around in a heavy, no fun, muscle car you can't see out of.

What about you? Where would you be offended to see an automaker deign to hide four cylinders?

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