What car should have been sold new in the US but wasn't?

Some of the coolest vehicles ever made were never offered for sale in the US. Whether it was a perceived lack of interest, an inability to pass crash testing, or something else entirely, we've missed out on some unbelievable cars. Even if these cars can be imported after 25 years, it is often expensive and logistically challenging to do so. This weekend we are giving you a chance to (theoretically) right that wrong. What car should have been sold new in the US but wasn't?

Something about the idea of a car never available new where you live makes an already awesome car even more appealing. Perhaps its basic psychology of wanting what you can't have or more likely just the idea of missing out on a really cool car, but cars never originally available where you live have a certain kind of appeal. Even if people have managed to import a few, they will always remain rare and accordingly hard to find. This weekend we want to know what car you think should have been sold new in the US (or your own country) but wasn't.


While watching reruns of the British television show Wheeler Dealers this week, I was reminded of one my favorite not for US automobiles. Seeing a used BMW 3 series (E30) wagon bought cheaply at auction at the beginning of the show not only inspired an immense jealousy, but spawned the idea for this question of the weekend. I think BMW 3 series (E30) wagons had been sold new in North America.

While I admit answering back to back questions of the weekend with the E30 is slightly lame, I couldn't help myself after laying eyes on the old BMW wagon this week. Even though a (very) few E30 wagons have made it over to the US, but it is not the same. I want a somewhat easy to find and affordable E30 wagon to drive and hoon, not a 5 figure show piece. Sadly because they never made it officially to North America, my affordable E30 beater wagon will likely have to remain in my strictly fantasy garage.

Now that I've told you about the old BMW wagon that I think should have made it to North America, tell me what car should have been sold new in the US, but wasn't?

(Photo Credit: CRESTW00D)

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