What Car Should Have A Really Cheap Version?

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Gaining access to the upper echelons of automotive performance often means spending lots of money. But what if things were different?


Though it’s fun to do the Tavarish thing and wait for your favorite high-end cars to get old and depreciate, it would be even better if some of them came with super-cheap versions straight from the factory; automaker profits be damned.

So that’s our question of the day: What car should come with a really cheap version?


Initially we dreamed up the Bugatti Veyron DX, which costs around $100,000, but then we realized that car already exists and is called the Nissan GT-R. Instead I’d settle for a true entry-level Porsche, maybe one around $35,000. We’re allowed to dream, right?

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Full size work trucks. Its absurd how expensive trucks have gotten. Want a stripped out, bare bones, V8 4x4 F150? $32k. Who needs fancy leather in a work truck, and who wants to spend $32k on a work truck.