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What Car Question Were You Always Afraid Was Too Stupid To Ask?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let's face it, cars are complex beasts. They're made of thousands, millions, billions (?) of moving parts, and it's nearly impossible for the average person to know everything about them. But that's okay. There are no judgments here. This is a Safe Space.

Ever wondered the difference between a radial and a rotary engine? Or radial and bias-ply tires? Or why all satellite radio antennas look like shark fins, besides looking damn cool? And how much blinker fluid is really, truly, too much blinker fluid?


We're devoting today's Question of the Day to all of those silly automotive questions you've always been afraid to ask. The ones that you always wondered, but never queried, out of a fear of mockery and derision.

We'll do our best to answer them, or, at the very least, make up an answer that is mildly entertaining, but doesn't come close to providing any form of closure.


Failing that, we will mock and deride.

So fire away. Give us your dumb, your silly, your wretched questions, yearning to breathe free.

Give us the one car question you were always afraid was too stupid to ask!

Photo credit: Chris Kisela