Tomorrow we're filling up on booze and tryptophan; the excess of food leading to imminent napping. If this doesn't work there are many vehicles designed to encourage the same feeling. What car puts you to sleep quicker than tryptophan?

When the current generation Chevy Malibu debuted it was heralded as the second-coming of the American mid-size sedan. While it's a big leap forward from the previous generation in style, sophistication and competitiveness, it's only because it's as somnabulant as any other mid-sizer. With a V6 and an automatic transmission it's like you're not driving anything at all. While this appeals to some drivers it does nothing but put us to sleep.

You'd think the Malibu Hybrid is even more of a snooze-fest but at least in the hybrid, the engine turns itself off sometimes, which is less quiet and more disquieting. Like, "Holy Shit my car just... oh, wait. Nevermind." It'll wake you up.

Before you load up on beer and tell your dad what you really think about his "new girlfriend," tell us whether there's another car more soporific to knock you out before he does.


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Photo Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images