What Car Makes Your Heart Race When You See It?

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A WRX isn't aesthetically exciting, but you're dead inside if you don't crack a smile behind the wheel of one. Some cars can duplicate this feeling with just their presence. What car makes your heart race when you see it?


I'm a sucker for an Aston Martin, particularly the gorgeous DBS. It's a rare but wonderful site and truly the indication of something special. There are few V12-powered cars on the road, and some of those are owned by the types of people who often ruin the vehicles they're in as soon as you meet them. To fork over the money for a DBS is to make one of two statements:

1. I want to be James Bond
2. I am James Bond

And who can't relate to that? I get giddy, my blood pressure rises, my heart races, and I just generally feel like a 17-year-old getting picked up for the prom.


What about you? What car moves you purely with its proximity?

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