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A new, easier-to-produce variety of methamphetamine is made using cars as mobile meth labs, thereby combining Michigan's two biggest industries. Maybe we've watched too much Breaking Bad but we must know: what car makes the best mobile meth lab?


To brew up this new "Shake and Bake" variety of meth it takes but a few prescription drugs, a handful of two-liter bottles, some tubing and gloves so space isn't a necessity. Obviously, you don't want to draw the attention of the cops so something with a bit of understated urban camo is necessary. Finally, when you're tweaking the sight of the cops might drive you to runaway so speed is still important.

My choice of mobile meth lab is the popular, quick, ubiquitous and disposable Ford Police Interceptor. There's a ton of room in the trunk for the sticky materials, rubber seats, and often tinted windows. It may not be faster than the cops but at least it can run with them. Most importantly, when you're done with it you can toss it and easily find another one.


Meth is bad. People who make meth are bad. Ruining cars with meth is bad. But for the sake of our mutual amusement: what car makes the best mobile meth lab?

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