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What Car Is Your Ideal Cab?

Illustration for article titled What Car Is Your Ideal Cab?

The news today of AM General getting set to assemble Standard Taxis got us thinking of our favorite livery vehicles. The Russians may demand Maybach cabs, and the Euro-trash only appear content with their mass-produced stripped Mercedes, but most of us don't need quite that level of luxury. Nor do we need the strange comfort of the Vulva taxi. What car is your ideal cab?


The 2009 Skoda Superb could be a good option — offering style, space and that great twin-door storage system. Although we've still some concerns on the quality of the crash protection it affords. Ford is considering the Transit Connect for cab service, and with good reason — like the Element, it's got a spray-and-wash interior and provides the ultimate in modular ability.


Of course, maybe no car quite matches up to your specific needs. Maybe you need to make your own. Though the Signature Manhattan Taxi may never see service as a yellow and checkered chariot, it's hard not to respect the functionality of it. So we repeat, what car is your ideal cab? The corollary of course being that if there isn't one, how would you design an ideal cab?

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Rob Emslie

Cummings diesel/electric hybrid Checker Marathon. Unless you're in London, then one of those black London Cabs.