It's traditionally believed that a good compromise is one where neither side is completely happy, but what fun is that, especially when it comes to automotive enjoyment?

In this weekend's bonus QOTW we want to know what vehicle you think is the perfect compromise between the side of your brain that purchases a car exclusively for automotive enjoyment and the other side that has to contend with foolish automotive purchases and how they relate to day to day life.

What vehicle do you think perfectly walks the line between fun to drive and fulfillment of your basic automotive requirements? What vehicle is the perfect automotive compromise?

In my eyes the Pontiac G8 GXP is an ideal balance between usable car and automotive fun. It managed to package four doors, room to transport more than one other person, and reasonable highway mileage with a 415 horsepower V8 and a six speed standard transmission. The G8 GXP has all of the benefits and none of the squeaks and space limitations of the vehicle I choose to drive half the year.