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What Car Had The Most Ridiculous Ad Campaign?

Illustration for article titled What Car Had The Most Ridiculous Ad Campaign?

Sometimes you see an ad for a new car, and you think, “hey, neat” because cars are neat. But then sometimes you see an ad for a car, and you forget about the car entirely because what the hell were you thinking, car company???

Take Volkswagen’s “clean diesel” ads that the company ran for a while as an example. When they first ran, it seemed kind of boring, if anything. It’s not the worst thing in the world, I guess, for the “creatives.” But then Dieselgate happened, and the ad turned into a bizarre farce. Dirty diesels from Volkswagen weren’t a myth at all, they were real. OUR WHOLE WORLD WAS ROCKED.


(Not really.)

But even VW’s weird ad campaign wasn’t the most ridiculous. Not when they first came out, and not even in hindsight.


What was the most ridiculous ad you’ve ever seen for a car? Let us know in the comments below!

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