What car gives you the creeps?

We wouldn't stare at every car that passes us by if we didn't feel a stir of emotion from them. Sometimes that emotion is excitement, or disinterest, or sadness, or hunger. Occasionally, there's a car that just gives you the willies. What car gives you the creeps?

With the exception of the turbo coupe, the ninth generation (1983-1988) Ford Thunderbird has always freaked me out a bit. There are cars that looks soulless (ahem, Camry) and then there are cars that look like they lost their soul in a bad bet. In a bad decision. That time they accidentally hit a hobo after a couple drinks, let it die on their hood, and then buried him the back yard. They can still hear him singing his hobo tune, sometimes.


That's what I get from the '80s T-bird. Accidental murderer.

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