What Car Does Your Mom Deserve For Mother's Day?

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Photo: Aston Martin Lagonda

Happy Mother’s Day, Jalopnik readers. I trust I’m not the one to remind you, right? Good. We owe an awful lot to our mothers. I know I do. I’d like to someday get her the car she deserves for raising me. I’ve already got one picked out.

For years, my mother has loved the Aston Martin Rapide, and with good reason. Practical though it may not be, the Rapide has to be one of the most beautiful five-doors ever built both inside and out, and its V12 doesn’t sound too bad either.

Every time we’ve seen one together on the street or in a parking lot, she mentions it. Despite whatever she may have picked up via osmosis from my automotive obsession, my mother is not a car person. But she still loves the Rapide and someday I’d love to be able to put her behind the wheel of one. I know she deserves it. She’s put up with me for damn near 27 years so far, plenty more once I finally make it big enough to buy her one.


But what about your mothers? I’m sure they have cars that have caught their eye, or maybe there’s a car that you know would be perfect for them that they’ve never even heard of. Whatever it may be, let us know what car you’d like to be able to give your mom in the comments below!