What Car Do You Wish You Could Get Back?

The other day I saw a beautiful W123 Mercedes diesel sedan with the same paint and trim as my first car and felt a little pang in my heart. What car do you wish you could get back?

The staff has a long list of cars we miss, (Wert misses his old lifted '98 Jeep Cherokee) with Wes particularly pining for his last E30, a 1992 325ic with 60K miles on it. They're still one of the best handling cars ever made with the right mix of accessible performance and luxury. Stack one up against a Civic and it'll make the Honda look gigantic. The best part? "It still drove better than anything BMW makes now." In the future people will brag about driving unmolested E30s in the same way older people earn cred by gumming about the time they saw Dylan before he was Dylan.


Remember, it's better to have loved and lost than to never have driven before.

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