Most cars ask merely to be driven, but a few want to be pushed harder. The best ones demand to be utterly destroyed in a feat of driving mayhem. What car do you want to beat the snot out of?

What saddens us most is a car, meant to perform, being locked inside a garage thanks to its "value." To our minds, a car's value only exists when you drive it. Given the chance, we'd pick up one of the ultimate trailer queens, the Toyota 2000 GT, and totally murder it until it was nothing more than a smoldering pile of Japanese steel and bits of aluminum. Whether it takes a day or a year, we'd want to milk every last bit of performance from the vehicle, letting it live as it was meant to. Someone will undoubtedly keep an example around and perfect, so there's no sense in feeling bad.

What about you? Which car do you think just begs to be hooned into glorious oblivion?

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