What Can Bondo Do For You?

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You know what's great about Bondo? Everything. Where careful bodywork and extensive part matching fails, Bondo steps in. What can Bondo do for you?

In certain ways Bondo putty is an awful substitute for true repairs. It can also be used by the unscrupulous to mimic real craftsmanship. Frequent users are essentially admitting their lack of knowledge and skill every time they reach for the Bondo.


On the other hand, for those of us not building Concours-quality rides Bondo is an easy alternative for many, many repairs. Too many repairs. Siler was once in a shop class with someone so inept his project car completely fell apart. It was a mess. This is where Bondo came in. Can you fabricate most of a car's exterior with Bondo? The answer is yes.


What's your favorite Bondo story? Any good pics of a Bondo misadventure? Is Bondo verboten in your garage? What can Bondo do for you?

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