What Beloved Car Does Nothing For You?

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There are a few cars that have earned an unassailable position in the dream car pantheon. Everyone just intuitively understands these vehicles to be desirable; 250 GTO, Cobra, Biscuter, etc. Everybody knows the list. But maybe there’s one car on that list that you just can’t get your head around or see the appeal of.


For me, it’s the MK4 Supra. I love its predecessors, I love Toyotas. Mazda’s FD RX-7 and Nissan’s R-34 GT-R are hyper-appealing, a 22B is an all-timer for me, so it’s not that I’m not into Japanese cars of the era or have some aversion to cars that were beloved by the tuner crowd when I was a kid. For whatever reason, I just can’t get into the most famous, most desirable iteration of the Supra. I’m unmoved by its tuner culture bona fides, incredible durability and performance. I don’t care that it was in one of the two Fast and Furious movies I’ve actually seen. I don’t care that you can make 3000 horsepower before it even starts to think about blowing its insides out. I think it’s that the styling is too lozengy, or that it kind of looks like it’s staring at its nose. I wish I could make myself care, but I just can’t.

There has to be a car that you don’t get. That you just clam up on rather than go into tedious detail explaining why there’s something wrong with you. Why you, and maybe only you, don’t get it.

Is there a DB5, an E-Type a Carrera GT that just doesn’t do it for you? Maybe it’s an entire genre of cars that no amount of car person conditioning could convince you to fall in love with? Italian cars as a whole? What car don’t you get?

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Earthbound Misfit I

Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. Never understood the appeal of having one as a DD.

Everyone I know who has owned a Wrangler (niece, several co-workers, maybe a neighbor or two) bought it for the ‘rugged’ image, but never took them off road to any serious degree. After a while, the harsh ride, noise and shitty fuel economy got to them and they traded the Jeep in for something more practical.

I just saw a Gladiator Rubicon fresh off the dealer’s lot the other day, the sticker price was $47,000 and change, so probably close to $50K out the door?

I don’t see it.