What Backseat Driver Trait Annoys You The Most?

Please, do not ever even think about touching my music.

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The only acceptable backseat driver is a dog.
The only acceptable backseat driver is a dog.
Photo: ARIANA DREHSLER / AFP (Getty Images)

My husband and I have been doing a lot of driving these past few weeks, which is the first time I’ve driven with someone in the passenger seat in years. I love this man. I wouldn’t have married him if I didn’t love him. But my god is he a terrible backseat driver.

The last person I really drove any considerable distance with on a regular basis was my mom when I was learning how to drive, and she was the best possible passenger you could have. A helpful guide, a great person for suggestions, and a friendly chat. It was fantastic.


My husband, however, likes to point out every single speed limit sign we pass. All of them. Even when it’s the third 55 we’ve seen in the last 10 miles, I hear, “Speed limit’s 55.” Even when I’m going 54, I hear, “Speed limit’s 55.”

I’m not a big fan of chatting on the road as it is. I like listening to music and thinking about stuff. If I’m in the passenger seat, I’d rather be working on something because work never sleeps and there’s always something that I need to do. My husband is pretty chatty, so I’ve learned to accept some talk on the road because it’s usually unavoidable.


But my god, I cannot stand hearing the speed limit every five miles. It makes me panic a little bit thinking I’m speeding or that there’s a cop around because that’s generally the only time my mom ever mentioned it. My husband just does it as filler.

I’m sure plenty of you fine folks have either hit the road this summer or have done a lot more road tripping than me. I want to know what backseat driver traits drive you the craziest. I promise no one here will use them against you.