What Automotive TV Shows Should I Binge Over Winter Break?

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December is one of the most painful and yet most blessed times of the year. For those of us who are still slogging through the rigamarole of higher education, it means the double edged sword of finals followed by the sweet, sweet bliss of winter break. And folks, last night I turned in my last final essay. It is time to devote my undivided attention to cars and TV.


Or, even better: both at the same time.

I’ve never been a big TV watcher. I grew up in a household with exactly one television, which was reserved for family time only (that means no hogging the damn thing with your nonsense, kiddo). When I moved out, my TV was about one step up from a tube television and the colors were so funky that I never used it for anything but watching race cars, even though the messed up screen turned the Ferraris yellow.

But that’s all changing. I’ve upgraded to one of those newfangled smart TVs. I have Netflix and Hulu and my fiancé’s subscription to MotorTrend. And I have five blissful weeks of winter break to catch up on all the incredible things I’ve been missing out on all these years.

So recommend me the goods, folks. What are the best car shows out there? What are your personal favorites? Where should I start? I want to understand everyone’s Top Gear references beyond my understanding of, like, the ten episodes I’ve watched in my life. I want to learn about engines. I want it all.

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I think I’m going to binge on Gymkhana Files over my christmas vacation.