What Are Your Unbreakable Rules For People Riding In Your Car?

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Listen: when you're in my car, there are rules. You can't just do whatever you want. Don't like it? You're more than welcome to take your chances walking, where you could be struck by falling space debris or subjected to any number of other horrible accidents.

Even if they aren't car enthusiasts, I think most people have at least some rules for how they want passengers to behave in their cars. This is completely justified. After all, if you're giving someone a ride, shouldn't they respect you and your property for a little bit?

So here's our question for the day: what are your rules for passengers when you're driving?


Volkswagen tweeted out some good ones today, and I agree with many of them. Obviously, I'm not a fan of eating in the car, but I'm not so mean as to disallow it entirely. Sometimes you gotta grab a bite in the car. It happens, and all you can do is ask people to be clean and throw their trash away.

But I do make all my passengers wear seat belts. Maybe that makes me sound like someone's overbearing dad, but I've seen enough horrific crashes to know what happens when you don't.

And under no circumstances — EVER — is someone allowed to smoke in my car. I think if someone did that it would result in me issuing a massive beatdown and then unfriending them Facebook.

Yeah. I'm Facebook serious about this, y'all. No smoking.

Your turn, Jalops. What are the unbreakable rules in your car?

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