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What Are Your Biggest Grievances?

In the spirit of end of Festivus leading into Christmas Day, let's gather together and air our grievances. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Let’s gather ‘round the pole and share our grievances.
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I’m told there’s a holiday tradition here in the U.S., where friends and family gather together and share all the issues they’ve had over the past year. It’s a chance to air your grievances, no matter how big or small.

Each December 23rd, this annual celebration sees loved ones gather around an aluminum pole for miracles, feats of strength and, naturally, the airing of grievances. This sounds like an odd way to ring in the holidays, but apparently it’s something to do with a show called Seinfield. Have you heard of it?


Of course you have, I’m probably the only person left alive who has yet to see an episode. But that doesn’t matter, because I love a good moan and it feels like the best way to clear your head prior to the holidays.

So, I did some digging.

The Festivus holiday was first introduced in Seinfeld in 1997 as a less-commercial way to celebrate the holidays. And this “Festivus for the rest of us” is actually a real holiday invented by the father of Seinfeld writer Daniel O’Keefe, writer Dan O’Keefe.


According to the Wikipedia, the original Festivus took place in February 1966, as a celebration of the elder O’Keefe’s first date with his future wife, Deborah.

Since then, it’s stemmed into an annual tradition where people air their grievances, worries or concerns as they get a load off their mind. And that’s something I’ll happily get on board with!

So, while we might be a day behind the annual holiday, we’re always happy to gather together and share our concerns, especially those of a motoring nature. And in the spirit of Festivus, that’s exactly what we want to do with today’s Question Of The Day.

Let us know your grievances in the comments section below, they can be car-related, to do with the holidays or just issues you have with the world right now. We’ll leave this up over the Christmas weekend and will compile some of your best comments on Monday.


Hopefully, by that time, I might have gotten around to watching an episode of Seinfeld, just a few decades later than everyone else did.