Pictured: Me in New York next time it snows
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Whether we like it or not, winter is coming for many of us. (Before you start, Southern Californians, shut up.) And I’m hittin’ you fine people up for some good winter car tips.

How do you care for your car during the harsh, sunless months? How do you armor your machines against the murderous salt and snow? Against the relentless cold?

And once you actually get on the road, how do you drive? What kind of winter boots have you fitted your car with? Does the Ferrari stay at home, toasty, in the garage? Or do you put snow tires on that bad boy and rule the city, like the monied speed god you are?

Also, if anyone knows what to do in the event of an ahklut attack, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Let’s spread the knowledge, spread the wealth, and make this season a good and safe one.