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What Are Your Automotive New Year's Resolutions?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Air-cooled Porsche 911
Photo: Rory Carroll

I’ve had the 911 above since maybe 2007. When I bought it it was a tired old sports car and I drove the wheels off it, keeping it running on a shoestring budget. Around 2010, it became a “project car” sitting in storage for a while before undergoing what I’ve described as a “refurb,” “clean up,” “just some bushings and brackets,” and any number of silly euphemisms over the past several years. The truth is, it’s ballooned into something short of a restoration —I’m not touching anything cosmetic — but I have slowly, stupidly, stumbled into the web of “doing almost everything else.”

There was a period in 2015-2017 where I made a ton of progress, usually with the help of Wesley Wren and some of the other Autoweek guys. Then progress slowed as being a Dad became my primary interest. But I’ve been chipping away and I’m very close to having a running, driving car right now. As a matter of fact, my plan was to drive it to Luftgekühlt in North Carolina before that event got Covid-canceled.


I’m currently between garages, so the 911 is stuffed into a little rented space at the moment. But my resolution, my solemn promise to you Jalops is that I will drive that stupid car this summer. (Feel free to harass me in the comments and on Twitter/IG until you see it moving under its own power.)

There’s a vaccine out, which means maybe 2021 won’t be totally canceled. So what about you? What’s your resolution? Finally get out to a DE event? Get your own project car up and running? Clean out the garage? Maybe find a way to buy something interesting, learn to wrench and fall into the depths of a decade-long project car hell that consumes untold amounts of cash and time while making you feel guilty all the time? What’s your New Year’s Resolution?