What Are The Most Comfortable Car Seats?

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We talk about engines a lot but what about other parts of the car? Like seats. Without them, it's sort of difficult to enjoy most driving experiences. What are the most comfortable car seats?


While many still love bench seats — because they were oh-so-easy for all types of non-driving activities — we're partial to the split reclining seats on the late 1980s Ford Crown Victoria LTD. They're long, deep, covered in a plush man-made material with thick seat padding and giant armrests. You could plop them down in a living room and an Al Bundy clone would magically appear, hands deeply in his pants. We think Barcalounger intended it as a new model but instead sold the plans to Ford. They're probably a driving hazard as, in the end, the seats are too cozy. There's always a risk of just nodding off completely. What's your favorite seat?

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Most Comfortable: BMW E30 Sport Seats. (Don't call them 'Recaros' — they're not. Recaro couldn't meet demand, so BMW made them.)