It’s that time of year friends. Where almost every dealership in your area will be flooding the airwaves with HUGE SAVINGS! Some of these commercials are far worse than others and, lucky for us, many of them are on YouTube.

One of the worst offenders is my local Hyundai dealer who, for whatever reason, cannot correctly pronounce the cars they are selling. If I have to hear one more time that, You can lease a Hyundai Velostiter for $149 a month,” I’m going to tear out my radio.

However, Kia has to take the cake in terms of worst dealer ads. Every damn Kia dealer in South Jersey ends with the same stupid jingle “It’s gotta be-a….(insert dealer here) Kia!” But it gets worse, wait until you hear how they get creative with the highway where the dealer is located.

So let’s see them in the comments. What are some of the worst dealer ads in your town?