WestJet Pulls Off Another Beautiful 'Christmas Miracle'

People love to hate on airlines at every opportunity, and most of the time, it's justifiable. But Canada's low-cost carrier, WestJet surprised a village in the Dominican Republic, created an early Christmas and gave some spectacular gifts. Just watch the video and see if your eyes don't well up.

Of course it's also a marketing tool, but it's executed so perfectly, by giving gifts in a unique way, to selfless people who only asked for things they really need, like a washing machine, a motorbike engine, and even a horse.


Last year, WestJet surprised travelers in Canada on their home turf, by having passengers scan their boarding pass and tell Santa what they want on a special video screen. The airline then wowed them by granting their gift wishes while they were in the air. Upon landing, their gifts came down the carousel, wrapped and tagged with their names at the baggage claim. It was really pretty brilliant.

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