When I first heard about this, I thought I had been duped by an early April Fool's joke, but no. Syria, a country embroiled in civil war, is starting a new airline. They're Kinda serious about it. No, really... that's it's name! Kinda.

I suppose the need is there. Civil war has taken the lives of over 140,000 Syrians since 2011, and airlines have stopped flying there. According to The Daily Telegraph, Kinda plans to start service from Damascus International Airport with a Boeing 737-400 and an Airbus A320. That's mistake number one, fleet diversity. You either need two sets of pilots qualified to fly those planes, or you must have one set of pilots trained on both types.

Esmail Sharaf, Vice Commercial Manager said,

"Kinda Airlines has the authority to operate almost to the whole world," reads the message on its website, adding that it hopes to expand its "network year after year, and in all directions."

Originally scheduled to begin operations in January, and then April 1st, Sharaf says Kinda now plans to launch on May 1st from Damascus to Latakia, with intentions to add the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, and "hopefully Lebanon and Jordan."

Top image is from Kinda Airlines website