We're So Glad This Insane Yamaha R1-Swapped Fiat X1/9 Track Beast Exists

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Sometimes, you see a car and just know that the world is a better place because that car exists. Here is the most ridiculous and wonderful Fiat I’ve ever seen, complete with obviously home-built active aerodynamics and a Yamaha R1 engine swap. It is glorious.

Owner Albano Fabbri started with a stock X1/9 and ended up with this beast, per the video’s description. The 1,000-cc Yamaha R1 engine pumps out 175 hp, which is a relatively common swap for older Italian cars like the X1/9 that run in the Proto P2 class in Italy.


What isn’t common is the ingenuity that went into the rest of this build. There are bits that look like metal siding being used for wing end plates, doors that totally don’t match, an air intake made of a drain pipe, and a scoop that looks a bit like an AutoZone special. It’s an incredible use of existing bits and parts to make a car that looks like a ton of fun.

And yet, it’s really complex. The wing pops up under braking for more downforce and flattens out on long straights for less drag. There are also some moving bits in the front that move along with the wheels.

Whoever said you need a ton of cash to build a cool track car is clearly wrong. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve improvised or built yourself for one of your cars?

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